Dealer Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

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Performex RMA Form 2018

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Performex RMA Form 2018

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The RMA process is as follows:

  • Dealer completes the RMA form in its entirety and submits the form to:

Attention: Returns
Or by mail to:
Performex™ Industrial, Inc.
200 N McColl Ste Q, McAllen, TX 78501
Contact: Jay Callaway
(956) 630-5438 | Email:
9AM-6PM Monday through Friday

  • Performex™ will review the RMA and respond accordingly based on specific criteria to be determined by Performex™.
  • Performex™ will issue an RMA number for each return that is approved.
  • Once approved, Performex™ will issue credit or replacement products upon return of the products in question whichever is deemed appropriate.
  • Please allow for 7-15 days for the RMA process to be completed.